Pluricall distinguished as a COVID CLEAN company

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Pluricall obtains COVID CLEAN certification issued by EIC in Portugal in partnership with Verycer from Spain.

In a time of uncertainty and insecurity, the COVID CLEAN seal aims to transmit confidence to customers and employees in order to boost the rapid resumption of professional activity.

This distinction reinforces Pluricall’s efforts to implement measures to combat and prevent the COVID-19 virus under strict policies implemented in its contact center operations and support facilities.

For Pluricall it is fundamental to guarantee the continuity of the delivery of a high quality service to its customers and at the same time protect and comfort the team that allows it.

It is worth reinforcing that Pluricall, created from scratch a structure that allows teleworking of its contact center operations, allowing ¾ of the team to be currently working from home.

This certification is granted after evaluating risks and strategies to minimise them according to the best rules of good practice in order to protect employees and customers. All the efforts and commitment of organisations to overcome the pandemic are analysed, showing that we are fighting for a common future.

In this context, the EIC in Portugal in partnership with Verycer in Spain have developed a protocol based on risk assessment and the use of good practices, where the objective is to comply with the measures and recommendations of the DGS ( Direcção Geral da Saúde), OMS ( Organização Mundial da Saúde) and ACT ( Autoridade para as Condições de Trabalho).

eiC is a public limited company, which in its genesis resulted from the will and knowledge of reference and specialist entities with wide experience in the certification activity in Portugal and in Europe.

Pluricall is a Covid Clean company.

Pluricall is a solution for companies looking to leverage their business to the maximum. During our 20 years of experience we have developed brands, products and services in the most varied market sectors through global communication strategies, telemarketing and customer support.

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