4 steps to make customer support a memorable experience

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When talking about the benefits of a successful customer support is not enough, perhaps we can talk about the consequences of when it doesn’t work correctly.

These days with the evolution of technology, most of your customers have in their hands a mobile phone with internet connection and an open path to express their feelings.

Poor customer support breeds unsatisfaction and unsatisfaction can be expressed in a number of ways, including in public by posting on social media or other review sites.

All these negative manifestations about your brand can spread quickly and damage your company’s image.

Customer support is the key to turning your company around, turning the unsatisfied customer into an advocate for your brand. It is important that your customer is left with a positive feeling towards your brand in every interaction.

When we talk about customer support, we are talking about a service in various channels such as social media itself, customer support lines, email or even chat. There are already almost infinite ways for your customer or potential customer to contact your company and we should use that to our advantage.

We have prepared the top 4 tips to make customer support a memorable experience.

  1. Get to know your customer

With the greater advances in technology, it is possible for brands, to know a lot about their customers. Almost as if you know them 1 on 1, by name, like a local retail shop.

Using CRM (Customer Relationship Manager) solutions will allow you to help you do that.

Knowing your customer is a step towards understanding the reason for their contact and resolving it as accurately as possible. CRM tools can record the entire relationship history and manage all that information for the success of the customer relationship.

This way your customer service team has access to organised, controlled and accurate information, necessary for a rapid assessment and excellent customer service.

At Pluricall, we offer a personalised and distinctive customer service. We believe that every interaction with a customer or potential customer is vital to the success and growth of our clients.

From small to large companies, learn now how we can offer you a multichannel, tailored and effective customer service solution.

  1. Listen first, solve after

It is essential to respect the customer’s moment and listen to their pain properly. Practicing active listening is key to ensure that you understand the customer’s truth so that you can resolve their issue as quickly as possible.

Talk to your customer and ask only the necessary questions. Don’t waste your time or make them waste theirs.

  1. Solve your customer’s issue at the first contact

Organise your customer service strategy to collect all necessary information and solve all questions at the very first contact.

This resolution of the issue at the very first contact will be important for two reasons:

a) it will give your customer an impression of efficiency and concern for their issue. An action that will have a very positive impact on your customer relationship.

b) By resolving their issue immediately, it will make it so that they will not need to be contacted again about the same issue. This way, your team will be more available to solve other situations, from other clients.

4. Have a dedicated and experienced team with regular training

Customer support is undoubtedly a vital area whose importance cannot be underestimated.

Just as you have a team of experienced professionals in the core areas of your business, you will also need to invest in a dedicated customer support team.

Both the customer service area and your commercial area need specialised teams with regular training. Besides training on all your company’s products/services, your team should also receive other continuous training such as interpersonal relationship techniques and active listening, sharing best practices, complaint management techniques and tools.

It is important to understand that customer support is not something extra to your business.

It is an equally important area as the production area.

We also highlight the importance of continuous monitoring on the quality and effectiveness of customer service. This monitoring and close management will allow an immediate improvement in the quality of service ensuring the satisfaction and loyalty of your customers.

At Pluricall, we focus on being able to offer our clients the best customer support solutions.

Over the last 20 years, we are proud to have been able to drive thousands of businesses on various scales. There are already several clients at a national and international level who look to Pluricall as their trusted partner in the area of customer service.

Talk to us to find out what we can do for your business, regardless of its size or sector.

Pluricall is a solution for companies looking to leverage their business to the maximum. During our 20 years of experience we have developed brands, products and services in the most varied market sectors through global communication strategies, telemarketing and customer support.

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