Pluricall receives the distinction of SME Excellence 2019

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Pluricall is awarded the PME Excelência status by IAPMEI in partnership with a group of partner banks and the Mutual Guarantee Societies – “Sociedades de Garantia Mútua”.

Every year, IAPMEI awards the certificate of Excellence to several companies. This certificate is awarded to companies that stand out for their socio-economic performance.

This distinction is particularly relevant as it consolidates the efficient and innovative management of the company with special focus on recognising the effort and commitment of the whole team.

The certificate SME Excellence reinforces Pluricall towards its customers, suppliers, national and regional authorities as a company of great solidity and suitability.

Pluricall has been recognised as an SME Leader since 2013.

The SMEs Excellence are selected by IAPMEI and Turismo de Portugal from the SME Leader universe, in a fair recognition of their merit and their contribution to the results of the economy.

According to the programme, to guarantee SME Excellence status, the following factors, among others, are validated: growth in turnover over the previous year, financial autonomy, net return on equity, rating level and net financial debt of the company.

Pluricall is a solution for companies looking to leverage their business to the maximum. During our 20 years of experience we have developed brands, products and services in the most varied market sectors through global communication strategies, telemarketing and customer support.

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