Pluricall renews the “Punctual Payment Commitment” certificate

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Pluricall is proud to renew once again the ” Punctual Payment Commitment” certificate. A certificate that features national companies and organisations that commit to comply with the payment deadlines agreed with their suppliers.

The feeling of responsibility and commitment towards suppliers is one of the pillars that has accompanied Pluricall’s 20-year journey. For the company, it is important to accomplish the same for the good functioning of our economy and for the companies and organisations that relate daily with Pluricall.

According to data recently released by informaDB, only 15% of Portuguese companies and 5% of large companies meet their payment deadlines. A principle that seems basic in the business world, but that ends up not being respected, thus bringing a serious threat to their survival.

In this way, Pluricall assumes once again this commitment of being part of this exclusive range of companies that continue to work towards the good operation of so many companies and managers.

Pluricall is a solution for companies looking to leverage their business to the maximum. During our 20 years of experience we have developed brands, products and services in the most varied market sectors through global communication strategies, telemarketing and customer support.

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